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Overseas property investment opportunities

In today's unstable economic environment, investing in overseas property is a sensible idea. Risk is minimal provided you take expert advice and returns can be significant.

escapes2 market new development properties worldwide covering the USA and Caribbean to Europe, the Middle East and beyond to Africa and Asia. As an established market leader we have exclusive access to a number of these developments before they are released for open sale.

We are here to point you in the right direction, answer any questions you may have and assist you in carefully choosing an investment property from selected projects. We believe we can achieve returns on your investment which you cannot achieve elsewhere.

How does it work?

When buying 'off-plan' as opposed to buying a re-sale property, you get the opportunity to reserve your property at around 30% below market value. The reason properties are offered initially at such a low price is to attract individuals who are in no hurry to take occupation but realise the significant savings of early purchasing. These early purchasers provide confidence in the project and financial security for the bank or the developer who provides the financing for the project. Construction starts with or without these early sales but of course quick sales at this stage enable the developer to make an increase in prices when constructions begins. Prices generally go up in 10% increments during construction. Firstly when foundations are laid, secondly when brick work begins and finally during the later finishing stages.


  • 2 bed unit priced at 150,000€
  • Amount paid during 18 months construction - 45,000€ (30%)
  • Property value increase during 18 months construction period - 45,000€ (30%)
  • This increase amounts to 100% of the original investment but costs such as legal fees, etc must be taken into account and the property will need to be sold at slightly below market value to encourage a quicker and easier resale. Therefore a profit margin of 80% on original investment is suggested.

The figures above are examples of returns that can be achieved by investors who get in first at the very early stages of selected developments.

What is the average required investment in these properties?

With the current opportunities that Escapes2 have vetted and selected, you will need to have access to 60,000€-150,000€ (£40,000-£100,000) depending on the price of the unit you are reserving. This will include legal and processing fees, stamp duty, title and land registry searches, the VAT (IVA) and legal fees.

When you reserve a property, a reservation fee of 3,000€-6,000€ (£2,000-£4,000) is required and this amount is then credited against your equity with 10-20% of purchase price due within 15 to 40 days and a balance making up to an average 30% of purchase price being due over the construction period. However, there are developments available with as little as 20% to be paid before completion.

All legal issues, securing the investment, preparing contracts and arranging for an overseas bank account (if required) can be handled by one of our recommended lawyers with years of experience in the buying and selling of property and all aspects of law.

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