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Indisputably, Jumeirah in Dubai is one of the world’s most spectacular resort destinations. If taking into account only the incredible Jumeirah Beach Hotel and the equally mind-blowing Burj Al Arab Hotel towering offshore opposite, Jumeirah has two genuinely iconic sights and architectural marvels to behold. The former is a truly beautiful, massive building designed in the shape of a breaking wave; the latter, thrusting 1,060 feet into the air in the shape of a billowing clipper sail, is the world’s tallest hotel, and thought of by many critics and seasoned travellers as also the best. But this is typical of Jumeirah and Dubai in general, where just about everything seems larger than life, yet retaining an elegance and stateliness that pays respect to maritime tradition and regional values.

Jumeirah is an upmarket residential and leisure resort that, like most of ‘new’ Dubai, has benefited from careful, measured town planning. There is as much space as there are amenities and facilities packed into it, making for a comfortable but exciting environment in which all you need is always close to hand.
Based along a lengthy strip of pristine beach, Jumeirah stands proud as a testament to modern architecture and the pursuit of leisure. The heart of the resort, if only due to its incomprehensible size, is the immense Madinat Jumeirah (the ‘City of Jumeirah’), an accommodation and entertainment complex offering superb accommodation and facilities. Thematically designed on the concept of ‘old Arabia’, Madinat Jumeirah is an awe-inspiring resort-within-a-resort containing 2 huge, grandiose hotels; 29 summer houses; 45 restaurants, cafés and bars, 3 health clubs, 3 theatre venues seating over 6,000, 2 conference halls, 40 hectares of landscaped gardens, 1km of private beach, 75 shops and, finally, 3.7km of waterways for sea taxis (abras) to ferry guests and residents hither and thither. So, it’s pretty impressive!
Right next door to Madinat Jumeirah is the Wild Wadi Water Park, where great fun for the entire family is possible due to innovative water park design and a mere 30 million litres of water! The 33km-high Jumeirah Sceirah slide has to be ridden to be believed, where angled turns propel the rider to the end of the ride at speeds of up to 80km an hour!
At 39 storeys, the Dubai World Trade Centre is one of the taller buildings in Dubai. Panoramic views of much of Dubai and far beyond can be taken in from the observation deck. One particularly breathtaking sight is the beautiful Jumeirah Mosque which, considering other attractions on display here, it may be surprising to discover is the most photographed building in Dubai. It is particularly gorgeous subtly illuminated at night.

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