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Investment Property for sale in Cape Verde: Sal

Sal is one of those island destinations where there isn’t a huge amount to see, but it really doesn’t matter as the emphasis is almost entirely on beachlife. Like Boa Vista and Maio, tourists head here for what can only be described as superb beaches of fine white sand, plus the accompanying watersport culture. The sea is crystal clear and perfectly clean off Sal, making for great swimming, diving and windsurfing.

This flattest of all the Cape Verde islands takes its name directly from the ‘salt’ mining that used to take place here (just as the words ‘salad’ and ‘salary’ do: strange, but true!) - and is a destination enjoying steady development in boosting its tourism industry and facilities. What it lacks in dramatic features beyond its very special beaches, it certainly makes up for in enthusiasm to promote itself, and also in an ever-widening variety of very good tourist accommodation.

The fact that Sal is very much ‘on the up’ is reflected in the fact that it boasts an international airport - situated close to Espargos, a delightful town that offers good shopping and nightlife, but is also the administrative centre for the island. Live traditional Cape Verdean music is performed in many Espargos bars, as well as in others around Sal, and simply should not be missed as an essential Cape Verde cultural experience.

Although, as you will have gathered, the focus of activity on Sal revolves around beaches and the sea, it is definitely worth renting a jeep or car to take a look at a few other sites of interest on the island: there is the crater of the extinct volcano that helped form the island millennia ago; the salt lake of Pedra de Lume; the resort of Santa Maria (offering another 8 kilometres of wonderful beach!) and the busy port town of Palmeira. And if you fancy getting off land entirely, there are excellent cruises available following the pretty Sal coastline, or exciting 8-passenger catamaran daytrips to Boavista.

Sal is preparing well for what it seems to have recognised for some time – that it and Cape Verde in general would eventually be fully ‘discovered’ by tourists. And this is definitely what is happening, as an increasing number are flocking to Cape Verde to see what the fuss is about, finding beautiful island destinations like Sal available to them, and becoming immediately smitten.

It should not be too long before the floodgates open on Cape Verde in relation to both tourism and the property market. Property in Cape Verde is springing up fast, but to the highest quality and at extraordinarily cheap prices in comparison with many other markets. Consequently, now is a good time to buy property for sale in Cape Verde – before prices start to rise to meet increasing demand. If you have thought about Cape Verde property as a viable overseas investment opportunity, please be aware that the market is about to blow wide open – even more so when the significant changes to SIPPs take effect in April 2006.

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