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Cape Verde Investment Property Guides is proud to offer investment opportunities in the very exciting emerging property market of Cape Verde. This exotic, unspoiled, semi-tropical paradise represents the chance for an extraordinary new life in the sun, or you may wish to purchase property for sale in Cape Verde with view to rental or as a holiday home: whatever your intention, can fully assist you in finding exactly the right Cape Verde property to suit your budget and exact requirements. Property in Cape Verde currently offers outstanding value for money, but as with all presently untapped markets, this situation will change as interest in the islands increases.

But, where are the Cape Verde islands? It is possible that you may not have heard of Cape Verde until now, and to an extent, this would be understandable. These beautiful islands have remained a well-kept secret, but those who have had the good fortune to sample the considerable assets of Cape Verde have always thought it a duty to inform others of what they are missing!

When they were discovered by the Portuguese in 1465, the Cape Verde (or Cabo Verde) islands were totally uninhabited. Situated approximately 600 kilometres west of Dakar - the capital of Senegal - in West Africa, the island group was perfectly positioned in the Atlantic Ocean in respect of trade routes, and so became part of the Portuguese empire thirty years after they had first found them. Consequently, the majority of the populace of Cape Verde today is of either Portuguese or West African descent, or of a meeting of both peoples. The languages spoken on Cape Verde are Portuguese and a hybrid of Portuguese and West African called Criuolo.

Independent since 1975, Cape Verde is enjoying a period of extensive, progressive development that has lead to the stimulation and encouragement of overseas property investment. And considering Cape Verde’s location, the archipelago is actually very easy to reach, with daily flights from Lisbon to the international airport on the Cape Verde island of Sal. From here, the other islands are easily reached by ferry or inter-island flights. Many airlines now operate daily flights to Lisbon from the UK, so the entire trip is very easily achieved.

The Cape Verde islands are basically split into two groups: the north islands of Sal, Boa Vista, Santa Antao, Sao Vicente, Sao Nicolau and Santa Luzia are collectively known as Barlavento (Windward), while Sotavento (Leeward) gathers the south islands of Maio, Fogo, Brava and Santiago (or Sao Tiago, site of the Cape Verde capital Praia) . Combined, The Republic of Cape Verde – as the group is officially known – covers a total land mass of just over 4,000 square kilometres, with a population of around 419,000.

There are two very distinctive types of island in Cape Verde; those in the west of the group are mountainous (the highest point being Mt. Fogo on Fogo) – offering wonderful climbing – while those in the east are renowned for their fabulous beaches. But all of them benefit from a lovely, peculiarly non-West African climate often compared to the Canary Islands and the Balearics. These conditions promote the cultivation of sugar cane, corn, sweet potatoes, coffee beans, bananas and delicious peanuts.

For those interested in diving, snorkelling and marine life in general, the Cape Verde islands offer considerable thrills. Apart from three fascinating shallow water shipwreck sites (with others to be opened up soon), there is always something rewarding to discover when exploring off any of the islands. There are beautiful coral reefs, huge rock formations, undersea caves and canyons where sea life is bountiful. The rare loggerhead turtle, trigger fish, trumpet fish, parrot fish, balloon fish, manta rays, coney grouper, yellow-tailed snapper, barracuda and yellow-fin tuna and marlin.

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